You'll never know!

Indeed! Tonight i'll write ... in Shakespeare's language! Just so ... i wanted to do something different!
I was inspired by THIS song!

Just press PLAY! And listen to the words!

I thought about it for a while, should i write... or not? 
Ah .. freak it .. am am doing it already! 
I wanted to say so much, but i never DID! Why ? I have no idea! I have no idea now, and probably will never have one! (I'll Have THOUSANDS ^^)

I wanted to tell to YOU ... to the loved ones, to witch i never said ANY of these words! THANK YOU ! I LOVE YOU... ALL! 

An though i said it .. YOU will never KNOW! 

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  1. E chiar faina... Eu mi-s ok la capitolul iubire dar tot imi place piesa.

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